Yadtel is now...




Zirrus is committed to delivering the best technology and telecommunications
services to the areas it serves and beyond. As technology changes, evolves, and
grows, our company must grow and evolve with it to meet the ever-changing
technological landscape. The name Zirrus is the next step into a greater and more
powerful future. For more details, please review the FAQs below. Thank You.




Why is Yadtel changing it’s name?

Technology has changed, advanced, and evolved. The name Yadtel was a combination of “Yadkin” and “Telephone”. As our

company and technology grows, our name must evolve with it. The name Zirrus speaks to technology, growth, and our future.

Did Yadtel get bought out by another company?

No. Zirrus is owned by Yadkin Valley Telephone Membership Corporation. Our company has not been sold.

Only the name has changed.

Will I speak with someone local when I call?

Yes. We are part of this community. We will always be a local company.

We are your friends, neighbors, and family. The same faces with a new name.

Will Zirrus remain a local company?

Yes. Our headquarters will remain in Yadkin County. We do not have any plans for that to change.

We will continue to support our local community and the families we serve.

Will my services or price change?

Zirrus will continue to offer the same excellent services and pricing, as we always have. As technology needs grow and

evolve, we will continue to keep pace to meet and exceed those needs.

Will my account number and password stay the same?

Yes. Your account number and password will remain the same.

What will happen to my Yadtel.net email?

If you currently use an @yadtel.net email address, your account will remain active and accessible.

You will not need to make any changes.

Are you still a cooperative?

Yes. Our company has not been sold. Zirrus is still a cooperative and part of Yadkin Valley Telephone Membership


Will my auto-draft change?

No. If you currently have auto-draft setup, it will continue as it always has.